Glass Exhibition, Guangzhou
Glass Exhibition, Guangzhou 2019 Zoltan Viczan



Layers of Hungary - Solo exhibition in Shanghai

About the Artist

Zoltan Viczan was born in Hungary in 1979. He began his studies in glass art at his early age in Budapest, dedicating to glass art for almost 30 years, he has developed his very own style of glass engraving.

In Zoltan’s art piece, people will find a strong Hungarian base, the respect and love of nature, and unique Asian influence. His works is well received and has been exhibited and awarded in different parts of the world.

Having his own studio in Hungary, he has lived and worked in Japan, Hongkong and is now living in Shanghai. As he put enormous enthusiasm in art creation, Zoltan has dedicated a great effort in glass art promotion, which he thinks is the most important to do to keep alive and vivid the life of glass art itself.

Latest Works

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Mirage Series

Fauna Series

Various Works